Date: 29th September - 2nd October 2013

Where: Doha, Dubai; Rivadh

The companies of the network went again to Saudi Arabia and brought home precious contacts and great opportunities. A new interesting market is approaching the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, thanks to the mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Udine, to which the network Italian Chair District For International Markets participated.

The participants were enthusiasts: “The mission went over our expectations – stated Mr. Daniele Musig of the comany Palma – the contacts made were of high level, well-organized and fit our company profile. We have observed a considerable interest for the Italian product, it is now up to our commericial skills to satisfy the requirements. It is a great start, considering the next mission in Jeddah: we will be very committed to entering the market of the Arabian Peninsula in the incoming years.” “Excellent organization – confirms Mr. Riccardo Rivoli, owner of the company that carries his name, “we couldn't expect more than this exploratory mission in a country that is new for us.

The Italian product is always appreciated and, even if they are careful about the prices, we are able to differentiate from our Chinese competitors thanks to our quality.” These results are already tangible for Mr. Lorenzo Piani, of the company Piaval “we are receiving some proposals. The meetings selected by the organizers were well-identified and pertained to the interests of our company, the quality of the representatives was extremely high. In order to give continuity to the project we will visit at the end of November Jeddah.

In Qatar we already have a representative, whereas in the United Arab Emirates we are present with an agent, for the moment we will follow this strategy.” “In Saudi Arabia there is a lot to build – adds Mr. Stefano L'Abbate, of the company L'Abbate – from hospitals to constructions for foreigners that work in multinationals. In the incoming years there will be a place for everyone, however it is necessary to create a relationship of trust; the general impression is that in this market we can establish make valuable business transactions, which have to be always carried with careful attention.”

Mission Qatar - UAE - Saudi Arabia 2013
Mission Qatar - UAE - Saudi Arabia 2013